VideoTech 2021 (01.12.2021 — 03.12.2021)

img Peer-to-peer delivery of video based on WebRTC

img img VK Calls: connecting thousands of people with Android and iOS using WebRTC

img img img Creating a live broadcasting system from scratch

img img img Interview with Maxim Lapshin

img img Reducing the delay in live broadcasts

img Making a SFU server from libwebrtc with your own hands

img Orchestrating transcoders with K8s

img Transcoder on Nvidia Jetson

img Video distribution: evolution from working with one CDN to building and optimisation your own one

img Its time to WHIP WebRTC into shape

img Moderation of video content with AWS machine learning services

img img How to make friends with WebRTC statistics and save thousands of hours of debugging

img How MPEG-5 Part 2 LCEVC works and why it matters

img Recommendation Engine in Live Streaming: how to recommend the unknown

img VK Calls: beyond browser limits

img 8K Decoding in libVLC

img AWS.ML creation and launching ML models in AWS cloud

img img img Interview with Sergey Fedorov

img VK Calls: a video conferencing platform with no limit on the number of call participants

img Breaking VMAF and VMAF NEG, or Why comparing codecs in coming years will be considerably harder

img The Building Blocks of the Netflix Streaming Experience

img Well-trained media traffic of Yandex

img Parallel video coding system by Kinopoisk: how we came up with this, and what's next

img ICE-cold connection

img img img Interview with Matvey Sopronenkov

img CGI in Live Streaming with OpenGL

img VK Calls: desktop client for video calls without any number of participants limit — from scratch in 365 days

img ABR algorithms step-by-step

img Personalised 3D avatars for communication

img Txt2Vid: Ultra-Low Bitrate «Generative Compression» of Talking-Head Videos to Text

img Scaling video connection while improving the quality when you have a small team and lots of limitations at launch