JUGNsk Meetup #17 (28.01.2021)

img To make JVM profiler win_able

img Spring Boot "fat" JAR: Thin parts of a thick artifact

JUGNsk Meetup #16 (17.09.2020)

img The Tales of Event-Driven Told by a Spring Developer

img When it all went to Kafka 2: Disperse producers

JUGNsk Meetup #15 (17.07.2020)

img Shenandoah GC 2.0 (часть 2)

JUGNsk Meetup #14 (24.04.2020)

img Shenandoah GC 2.0 (часть 1)

JUGNsk Meetup #13 (28.02.2020)

img Project Panama: how to make Java “closer to hardware”?

JUGNsk Meetup #12 (19.11.2019)

img Don't put all your eggs in one container

img JDBC Pools Battle

JUGNsk Meetup #11 (29.10.2019)

img Java PathFinder: fly to Mars without bugs and deadlocks

img Reactive programming. Vert.X vs Spring

JUGNsk Meetup #10 (27.08.2019)

img The State of Reactive Streams

img Multiplayer Pac-Man with RSocket

JUGNsk Meetup #9 (13.06.2019)

img 9 Ways to Test Your Spaghetti Code

img Why gRPC right now

img How to pull an owl on a globe - clustering Spring OAuth2

JUGNsk Meetup #8 (16.05.2019)

img Cast switch to Java bytecode

img Walking dead objects, or GC is always right

JUGNsk Meetup #7 (29.03.2019)

img Java and GPU. We optimize massively in parallel!

img Kotlin: How familiar designs work

JUGNsk Meetup #6 (27.02.2019)

img img Move Spring to Kubernetes

img What is Latency and what does it eat with?

img DAO practices in unit testing

img Kafka Ivanovich, welcome in the business lounge

JUGNsk Meetup #5 (15.12.2018)

img We profile with precision to microseconds and processor instructions

img End-to-End tests on Spring Boot: are they hard to give and what do they give?

img Slow Java? Performance problems that cannot be attributed to GS

img What could go wrong if you run Maven service?

JUGNsk Meetup #4 (11.10.2018)

img How to switch to microservices and not break prod

img Split Brain to be afraid - do not go to Ignite

JUGNsk Meetup #3 (23.08.2018)

img Escape from Jar Hell with Jigsaw Layers

img Kotlin in general and Native in particular

JUGNsk Meetup #2 (21.06.2018)

img Integration of .NET and Java virtual machines

img How to make a built-in JVM profiler that is not afraid of AOT compilation?

JUGNsk Meetup #1 (24.05.2018)

img Modules in Java

img Nullability - between good and evil