TechTrain 2021 Spring (27.03.2021)

img Solid to gaseous: Engineer - team lead - manager phase transition

img Railway oriented programming

img What mobile developers in the IT industry do not know

img Code with me: Behind the scenes

img img How conference organizers live online. And when will it be offline already?!

img img What tools would you take for remote work

img Confronting cyberthreats in the Java world

img Pitfalls of shared code ownership

img Projector: Your remote IDE

TechTrain 2020 Autumn (24.10.2020)

img img img Seriously about performance

img img How to contribute to open source so as not to burn out with shame

img Gear up, speeding up Flutter development!

img img Hungry for DevOops

img img img Review of the autumn season of JUG Ru Group conferences

img The future of IDEs: How the software development paradigm is changing

img «Throw from a deflection»: Ilya Klimov shouts at Vue

img img img img Conversations for Data Engineering

img img C ++ metamorphoses: Language in search of a paradigm

TechTrain 2020 Summer (06.06.2020)

img The web that never was

img Concurrent hash tables — why should I understand them?

img Smart interface design patterns, 2020 edition

img "Update can't be left". Dependency management in CI/CD

img Conferences remotely: How did it happen, what is it and why is it?

img Testing without pain and fear

img img img Kotlin 2020: Interview with Andrey Breslav and Svetlana Isakova

img The evolution of sensitive data storage

img Straight to prod: How I test my streams

TechTrain 2019 (24.08.2019 — 25.08.2019)

img Pride and Prejudice. Why do we think we are smart?

img Form a picture of the GraphQL world

img Self-esteem and inherent worth. How to stop chasing "success" and start living

img Quake Postmortem

img This is beneficial: why do we need more female programmers?

img Does Microsoft have a future in Russia, or why we should stop hating

img AI vs. AI

img All about machine learning competitions

img img Round table: RuNet isolation. The truth without fiction

img Twelve ways to make code suck less

img The state of Reactive Streams

img Toward a Distributed System

img (In)adequate technical interview

img Why Frontend is awesome

img AR — augmenting reality

img Privacy UX

img Spring Patterns

img Fast launch of microservice

img Why you shouldn't go to the small business

img img Getting sh!t done in devops style

img PostgreSQL Quickstart

img Professional Postgres

img Space exploration lessons for developers

img SOLID clean code by simple examples

img Digital transformation: how to jump from an abstract dream to certain tasks

img Modern Enterprise Java from the ground up

img Etudes on buffering: asynchronous notifications, update replication, collation of pending requests

img Free software and your freedom

TechTrain 2018 (01.09.2018 — 02.09.2018)

img Elephant Path, or Career in open source

img CatBoost — machine learning library for practical big data applications

img Panel discussion: The Role of English for the developer

img Plasticine Jira: do it yourself

img Resilience in distributed systems

img Razvedopros: Ivan Yamshchikov

img Project management practices and cases

img How and why make friends designer and developer

img Everything that you wanted to know about tools for Data Science, but were afraid to ask

img Game complication

img Accident management in a large Internet project

img Business trends and custom test cases

img How data is turned into knowledge and why being able to dream is one of the most important skills

img Build pipelines: adventures in the TeamCity pipeline

img Building multi-platform projects on Kotlin

img Video game development: pedagogy, problems of fathers and children, how to take the first step in this area

img Artificial intelligence and digital business transformation

img Blitz session

img Server Side Request Forgery: attack on a web application that is worse than it sounds

img 15 years of WordPress

img debugger; for developers

img Prospects and challenges of implementing blockchain technology in various industries

img Myths about Spark, or Can a regular Java developer use Spark

img img Cash Software: rise of the machines

img JavaScript for those who are not there

img Fault tolerance of distributed computing: less trial and error!

img Dynamic design: how to develop without recompilation

img Flutter's place in the life of an Android developer

img How to make a quick mobile application once for all platforms

img img Autotests are not needed, or the evolution of the application of tests

img Horror of mobile graphics

img Overview of domestic processors

img Why is another programming language needed?

img Full transparency in the company

img img img Common mistakes made by test automation

img Microservices on Node.js: how to save yourself

img Can self-driving car predict intentions?

img Safe development in large projects, or How to improve software security on the job

img Evolution of paradigms

img Message as the basis for application integration

img Architecture, what kind of architecture?

img It's a mad mad mad mad search bar pt 1

img Pros and cons of Go, as well as its application on VK

img Crossing DP Visitor, Builder, Composite, Decorator and Iterator: an example of C ++ architecture

img Smart responsive interface design patterns

img Lean ML: rational approach to machine learning