SmartData 2020 (09.12.2020 — 12.12.2020)

img img Kusto (Azure Data Explorer): Microsoft's interactive Big Data platform

img Flink + Zeppelin: Streaming data analytics platform

img Data initiation in Nifi

img img Highly Normalized Hybrid Model, or how we implemented the storage model

img Demo: Big Data tools

img Kusto (Azure Data Explorer): Architecture and internals

img How we built Serverless Spark experience on Kubernetes

img On the way from Kafka to NiFi: How not to break and not lose

img Versioning database structure taking storage as an example

img Writing flexible pipelines for data platforms with Dagster

img Approaches to building a modern data platform. The problems and the concept of implementation

img NeoFS: Storing object data according to your rules

img img Segmentation: A single window of knowledge about a user

img img img Round Table: Programming languages in Data Engineering

img Working with data at a low level

img Digitizing a worker in real-time

img CI/CD for ML models and datasets

img Safe interactive big data at the bank: Business intelligence on Clickhouse

img AI-augmented data preparation: Building technology-agnostic data pipelines for modern data stacks with AI

img SQL migrations to Postgres under load

img How we develop DMP for Taxi, Food, and Lavka

img How to master time and space

img The latest and greatest of Delta Lake

img Scio — data processing at Spotify

img img Kotlin API for Apache Spark: Why we made another API for working with Spark

img Stateful streaming: Cases, patterns, implementations

img Review of the big data technologies. Pros and cons

img Our repository for web analytics

img Enterprise data platform: Data infrastructure as a testing ground for business hypotheses

SmartData 2017 (21.10.2017)

img Name is a feature

img Recommendation systems: from matrix factorization to deep learning in stream mode

img Deep learning, probabilistic programming and meta-estimation: point of intersection

img Crowdsourcing: How to train your crowd

img Deep convolutional networks for object detection and image segmentation

img Applied machine learning in e-commerce — scenarios and architectures of pilots and real-world projects

img Distributed ML on Big Data: recommender system building experience at ivi

img From click to predict and back: Data Science pipelines at Odnoklassniki

img Back to the future of a modern banking system

img Deep Learning: Scene recognition and attractions recognition in the images

img Segmenting 600 millions of users in real-time mode every day

img No data? No problem! Deep Learning with CGI

img CatBoost — the next generation of gradient boosting

img Hadoop high availability: Badoo experience

img Lock, stock and two boosting barrels

img Automatic contact information extraction from the web

img Neurona: why we taught a neural network to write poems in Kurt Cobain style