DevOops 2020 Msc (06.07.2020 — 10.07.2020)

img Getting mutually familiar with mTLS

img The shiny new "Agile": Oops! We're Waterfall again!

img EKS easy-going operations and management via eksctl and other valuable tools

img LDAP — взгляд с высоты «птичьего полёта»

img Непрерывность as a Service

img Интервью: DevOps в Райффайзенбанке

img Что если я был рожден стать Hybrid Cloud Architect?

img img Influencing DevOps without authority — how "DevOps engineer" can advance real DevOps

img Infrastructure as Code deep dive on AWS

img Data Engineering which could (do DevOps)

img The path of the DevOops hero

img Ok Boomer! Here is cloud-native!

img Stateful Services in Azure

img Автоматизация как способ за короткий срок объективно оценить работу 52 команд

img CI/CD — Настоящий, сложный, непрерывный

img Разработка в Яндекс.Облаке, Или шесть вопросов, которые вы должны задать своему flow

img Распределенное хранилище на основе Apache HBase + Apache Phoenix

img Deploying with zero downtime — it’s easy they told you

img Anthropogenic monitoring at GitLab

img An app modernization story with .NET Core, containers and Cloud Run

img Going all in on HTTP3 and QUIC

img Kubernetes in compliant & secure environment

img PaaS in Avito

img Поговорим про Serverless

img Continuous Delivery для десктопных приложений

img GitOps: Определение и принципы

img Automated governance

img Updating the edge

img How to make a DevOps tool and turn it into a business in the USA with clients and investors

img Observability of applications in AWS

img Instead of a server forest — serverless! About Spring, lambdas, and Kotless in production

img Kuber on your hardware — pros, cons, cats

img Configuration as code: YAML vs Kotlin DSL — кто круче?

img Внутренний мир компании с абсолютной информационной и финансовой прозрачностью

img Can TypeScript really make infrastructure management easy?

img Sandboxing in Linux with zero lines of code

img Один час из жизни Программного комитета. Панельная дискуссия с членами ПК DevOops 2020

img Datastores for distributed tracing

img Container live migration with Podman and CRIU

img Two and a half data centers (and Kafka)

img Evolving to cloud native

img Survivability of observability: Taking your DIY system to success

img img Онлайн-спринт длиною в 3 месяца. Интервью с командой разработки JUG Ru Group

DevOops 2019 SPb (29.10.2019 — 30.10.2019)

img Characters, community, and culture: Important factors for prosperity

img Serverless containers with Knative and Cloud Run

img Scale your auditing events

img Terraform vs Helm: Battle for infrastructure

img img Do it in code (not YAML)! Unlock power of Kotlin DSL for Kubernetes

img The unbearable lightness of scaling pods in Kubernetes

img Delivering progressively with Jenkins X

img Pipelines & pods: DevOps with Kubernetes

img How to deal with Kafka so it won't get Kafkaesque

img 10 years of on-call. What have we learned?

img DevOps patterns and antipatterns for continuous software updates

img Flagging your features — a DevOps approach to continuous release

img Ansible: Tractor mode. We create a roles that will travel everywhere!

img Removing the barriers

img CDK and infrastructure as a code

img How to draw DevOps?

img How to steer MySQL steam boat

img WTF do we need a service mesh?

img Implementing microservices architecture as Cloud Run application

img Automating everything with Github Actions

img From zero to DevOps superhero: The container edition

img Service mesh for building multicluster systems

img The final story about operators

img Making the Internet faster. And sleeping well at night

img Under the hood of serverless Jenkins: Jenkinsfile Runner

img Mobile app development: DevOps or not DevOps

img The curse of infrastructure team

img Adapting your infrastructure to go multi-*

img CI of big projects in JetBrains

img Why IT industry is entering its darkest era yet, how DevOps is to blame and why Das Kapital can help

DevOops 2018 (14.10.2018)

img The seven archetypes of a DevOps transformation

img Dumb services in smart nets: deploy like a ninja with Istio service mesh

img Practical steps for securing your container deployment

img Life of happiness with Kubernetes in production

img How we were building an open source platform for managing multiple Kubernetes clusters: pitfalls and solutions

img Cloud databases

img What did we learn while making our own alerting system

img img #DataDrivenDevOps

img Modern security with microservices and the cloud

img The issues of serverless approach

img Lifecycle of a resource in Terraform: codifying infrastructure with Terraform for the future

img Sustainable system testing with Chaos

img img Tool as a service: automation paradox

img Kafka on Kubernetes: Curious case of building Cloud Native streaming platform

img Ansible playbooks are code: verifying, testing and continuously integrating it

img AntiYAML: DSL is the new black

img img DevOps, engineers and the community

DevOops 2017 (20.10.2017)

img Come scale away with me: solving for problems you don’t have

img How to properly blame things for causing latency: an introduction to distributed tracing and Zipkin

img 10 reasons [not to use k8s]

img img Silicon Valley Chainsaw Massacre (how I spent my last Friday night on-call)

img SmartMonitoring — business logic monitoring in Odnoklassniki

img Expanding k8s

img Managing multiple clouds FTW

img From a sysadmin to a human being

img Managing your microservices with Kubernetes and Istio

img Comparing Ansible, SaltStack, Chef and Puppet from practice perspective

img Continuously delivering infrastructure to the cloud

img img img img img Panel discussion – How to "sell" DevOps to your teammates, your boss, and others who don't give a f*ck

img Continuous Delivery in Windows environment

img img Troubleshooting & debugging production applications in Kubernetes (a.k.a. The Failing Demo Talk)

img img Success story: "Dev+DevOps+Ops"

img One-cloud: data center OS in Odnoklassniki

img img DevOps @ scale — greek tragedy in three acts