SmartData 2021 (11.10.2021 — 14.10.2021)


img img Greenplum and Anchor modeling: How dreams shutter against reality

img DWH as a product

img Apache Airflow 2.3 and beyond: What comes next?

img Big Data Tools: Demo

img Data catalog and data lake based on MongoDB: Building tech stack from scratch

img Hadoop 3: Erasure coding catastrophe

img Delta Lake data layout optimization

img How cloud changes databases architecture and why we care about it

img "Functional" Spark

img Trino (Presto) DB: Zero copy lakehouse

img Lessons learned from using machine learning to optimize database configurations

img Data processing and verification for computer vision in MTS sales offices throughout Russia

img How to employ Apache Calcite for building a SQL layer for any system

img An experience report on strategies for working with Cloud Storage

img Projector: What It Is and How It Works

img Optimizing test data coverage in functional testing

img Design steps of building analytical data platform in the clouds

img img img Airflow 2.х SaaS

img Building cross-IDs for web analytics

img img How to design a high-performance distributed SQL engine

img From one big ETL job to experimenting with data pipelines

img img img How to bring advanced analytics to hybrid data storage with Vertica

img Apache Spark as an in-memory-only data processing engine?

img Insert into ClickHouse and not die

img Workshop. Building an efficient data model for high-performance applications with Apache Cassandra (part 1)

img img Interview with Pasha Finkelstein

img MLOps at Ozon

img Spark Yoga — saving time & money with lean data pipelines

img A tale about how we build DWH: From MySQL replicas to Exasol + ClickHouse

img Workshop. Building an efficient data model for high-performance applications with Apache Cassandra (part 2)

img Workshop: adding SQL to your app in 30 minutes

img NiFi on a large scale: Architecture, monitoring, best practices

img How data delivery works in Yandex and why we're no longer afraid to transfer JSONs

img Dremio SQL Lakehouse: Fast data for all

img ML model lifecycle at Cherry Labs

img D-people workplace — Sber's experience

img img How an analytical database stopped me smoking: A practical story with Exasol

img img Discussion: Quasi-Mutable Data Storages

img Workshop. Making engineers' lives easier with Big Data Tools

img Create a git-like experience for Data Lake analytics

img Two types of data engineers

img Self-service BI: Data model building practices

img How we build Feature Store

img img img img img Round table: What if not Hadoop