SmartData 2017 (21.10.2017)

Saint Petersburg

Startovaya St., 6 A, Hotel «Crowne Plaza St.Petersburg Airport»

img Name is a feature

img Recommendation systems: from matrix factorization to deep learning in stream mode

img Deep learning, probabilistic programming and meta-estimation: point of intersection

img Crowdsourcing: How to train your crowd

img Deep convolutional networks for object detection and image segmentation

img Applied machine learning in e-commerce — scenarios and architectures of pilots and real-world projects

img Distributed ML on Big Data: recommender system building experience at ivi

img From click to predict and back: Data Science pipelines at Odnoklassniki

img Back to the future of a modern banking system

img Deep Learning: Scene recognition and attractions recognition in the images

img Segmenting 600 millions of users in real-time mode every day

img No data? No problem! Deep Learning with CGI

img CatBoost — the next generation of gradient boosting

img Hadoop high availability: Badoo experience

img Lock, stock and two boosting barrels

img Automatic contact information extraction from the web

img Neurona: why we taught a neural network to write poems in Kurt Cobain style