Mobius 2021 Msc (22.11.2021 — 25.11.2021)


img Using State Machine in SwiftUI — fast, simple and convenient

img img Building a production ready Chat SDK using Jetpack Compose

img img Not the best project for KMM

img How pull requests are stealing your time!

img How do we replace the architecture in an iOS app?

img Experience with IPC technology within App Groups

img How to build modularity on SPM with multiple repository and not to turn grey-haired

img Slivers in Flutter or How scrolling works

img Automated migration of Android applications to Bazel

img img img img img Roundtable: Do We Need Code Reviews?

img Analyze it. Obtaining and analyzing technical application data

img img img Project versioning. Which versioning model is better now?

img Successful Android automation secrets

img No mobile development in 5 years

img CI, l10n and two development teams: how to setup continuous localization and stop killing people

img Adapting the app for blind people

img Accessibility is the top of technology

img No Trespassing, or How to Hide a Secret in an Android App

img Backender game. How to setup HTTPS-server for pet iOS app

img img How to live on an iOS project with multiple languages?

img Test Impact Analysis for Android & JVM

img Multiplatform UI: Compose outside Android

img Workshop. Adapting applications for people with visual impairments

img img img img Roundtable "KMM Against All"

img Increase FPS of apps

img What does it take to succeed in a career as a developer?

img Debugging multithreaded apps

img img VK Calls: connecting thousands of people with Android and iOS using WebRTC

img Navigating the MV* Mess

img Workshop. Tools and tricks for working with Apple Metal

img ExoPlayer for IPTV applications

img Finita la State Machine — MVI in iOS app

img img Diving into asynchronous processes and comparing them using Kotlin Flow and RxJava as examples

img Ways of using hidden System API

img Flutter apps profiler. The heroes which are unjustly forgotten

img Antiphishing / Antimalware on the traffic of iOS using Network Extension

img img img Digital nomads: How do they become digital nomads and where do they live?

img img Scaling mobile development: vertical, horizontal or diagonal?

img Building Compose Apps for everyone

img Mobile CI. How to choose and transfer

img Dependency managers - collect them all

img Training dynamic ML models on iOS 15

img Code Born to Die

img Architecture, and how to cook it

img Kotlin IR: past, present & future

img Inspired by SwiftUI create a design system on UIKit

img How to brew declarative tea

img img img Android OpenGL animation: Holy War/Workshop

img img Developers: movies vs real life

img How we integrated Kotlin Multiplatform

img img img img How IT processes have changed for the past 5 years

img Speeding up the network layer with HTTP/3

img img How we accelerated the creation of processes in Android

img SharePlay and other ways to connect users on iOS

img img Building perfomance monitoring in the Mobile App

img img Myths and true stories about Flutter: laying the straw before you go into production

img Frustrating Mobile Design Patterns in 2021, And How To Fix Them