DevOops 2020 SPb (02.12.2020 — 05.12.2020)


img From stress to progress: An overview of continuous delivery to K8s

img Three path of DevOps

img CI/CD processes in the cloud using Serverless on minimum

img Auto scalable Kubernetes AWS Spot instances

img DevOps at Sber: Before and after

img Getting process right: A better, remote workflow for everyone

img Landing Zones on GCP — how to boostrap your Google Cloud Platform environment at scale

img Time for action! Deliver SECURELY to anywhere with Github Actions!

img Speeding up Linux disk encryption

img DevSecOps: More of the same — back to the roots

img img Test twice, deploy once: Testing Infrastructure code on AWS

img Why I advise people not to learn Ansible

img img Kafka and infrastructure satellites

img img SberAcceleration community

img GitOps implementation at Sportmaster Lab

img The (Microsoft) DevOps journey

img img Providing learning environments with HobbyFarm — an open source Kubernetes powered lab tool

img Tinkertoys, microservices, and feature management: How to build for the future

img Learning with Chaos Engineering

img Work out the bugs

img img Serverless architecture patterns and best practices

img img MLOps: Hadoop is there, but why does it still hurt so much?

img Implementation of DevOps in Yandex and Yandex.Cloud

img img DevOps in Kaspersky

img Taking AI to the edge

img img Securing Kubernetes application transports and secrets with Vault and Consul

img img Hybrid cloud app delivery platform with Consul and Nomad

img Platform development and team topologies

img "Works in my container, ops problem now" is the 2020 version of "Works on my machine"

img Real-world Continuous Delivery with Tekton & ArgoCD

img img The human side of IT — aspirations and actions

img Distributed tracing deep dive

img Apache Kafka DevOps with Kubernetes and GitOps

img img Security…​ How much within that sound there lies to make a DevOps heart awake…​

img The sociotechnical path to high-performing teams

img OPA: The cloud native policy engine

img img AWS Cloud Development Kit CDK for complex enterprise applications