Mobius 2020 Msc (11.11.2020 — 14.11.2020)


img img How Yandex "super app" was created

img Scaling and scale: SberBank Online

img Coroutine exception handling

img Roasted bird: Preparing Flutter for industrial use

img iOS background modes. Apply and tame in practice

img Fun life in notification bar

img Absolute modularization

img Common unit testing mistakes

img img img img (Rec) GDG Live: Declarative UI today

img SwiftUI — live coding declarative UI

img Flutter — live coding declarative UI

img Jetpack Compose — live coding declarative UI

img Module programming. How not to hurt yourself

img How to write code that won't age

img img img Panel discussion. Declarative UI live coding

img img Launch on the Huawei market, or how we have adapted the application for work with HMS

img Migrating a payment terminal from Linux to Android

img Flutter under the hood

img img Influencing the "hands-free" test environment

img Embedded Android applications

img Kotlin multiplatform in mobile Yandex.Maps from the position of an iOS developer

img WebSocket: How, when and how much it costs

img Badass data source: Offline-mode in a few lines of code

img img img img Panel discussion. 2021 modularization

img A thorny road of SPM implementation

img Difficulties in developing a client for iOS cloud storage

img Workshop: Let's plugin a bit more

img Workshop. Flutter Zero LiveShow: For beginners, professionals and novice professionals

img "Mobius is not the same!" — answering the most frequent questions from participants

img img Legacy: Maintain or refactor

img gRPC in iOS applications. REST in peace?

img Workshop: Let's plugin a bit more (part 2)

img Jetpack Compose for UI consistency in your applications