Mobius 2020 SPb (22.06.2020 — 25.06.2020)


img Panel discussion. Work from home 2020: What's happened to us?

img Launching typical Android client on multiplatform: The way of practiser (part 1)

img GraphQL: "Mischievous" advice. Why we need a GraphQL when there is the REST?

img Hacking and embedding your code in a foreign application

img Facebook Flipper для отладки мобильных приложений.

img Android-команда ПСБ

img Interview and Q&A with Ben Weiss

img Launching typical Android client on multiplatform: The way of practiser (part 2)

img Evaluation of the mobile project: How not to scare the client and not going down the tube

img Modern approach to UI

img Panel discussion. WWDC 2020: Fresh news

img Declarative UI frameworks evolution: From dinosaurs to Jetpack Compose

img Firebase is not only PUSH messages

img Make <your app> talk

img img Сбербанк ID: Подключить за 60 секунд

img iOS-команда ПСБ

img Modern Android development

img Office plugin

img Experimentation at scale: Fuel your application’s growth through A/B testing

img Application optimization on the slow network

img img Panel discussion. My colleagues are disastrous developers

img Speed up with Accelerate: C++ code optimizing experience

img Developing a library for mobile applications

img Flutter and a million lines of native code

img img Путь от iOS 1.1.3 к iOS 14: Как развиваться в одной компании. Опыт мобильных разработчиков Сбербанка и Okko

img Workshop. Crossplatform ² — let's make Flutter and Kotlin Multiplatform friends

img AppCode under the hood

img Profiling in production

img Mobile search

img Migrating to React Native: A long-term retrospective

img img Jetpack Compose over inheritance

img ABI Stability strikes back

img Kotlin compiler extension magic

img Interview with Petr Kozlov

img Interview with Nikolay Ashanin

img Grow me if you can

img Bazel for Android developers

img How is development for Apple TV differs from development for iOS on the example of a real project

img How much Android is in Oculus?

img img Landing your next gig