Mobius 2019 Msc (07.12.2019 — 08.12.2019)


Leningradsky Prospekt 31A Bld.1, Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre

img img A Spectre postmortem

img Performance chat development. Badoo experience

img Experience in choosing cross-platform technology for fast application development

img From Four Wheels to Two: Lyft's engineering principals for fast paced product development

img How to become a developer that everyone wants in their team?

img Debug without sources

img Design for errors — an introduction to Domain modelling with a bit of Arrow

img How does the VKontakte message screen render

img Flutter State Management Wars. BLoC vs Redux

img Dark corners of iOS Auto-renewable Subscriptions

img Litho: Best Practices for building efficient UI

img It's easy: Local attacks on mobile applications

img iOS multithreading

img How to win friends and influence people, on mobile

img Custom Lint Rules

img Yandex.Drive interface development

img Building a Realtime video processor with Swift and Metal

img Gradle from A to Z

img UIScrollView mechanics

img Isolation of E2E test infrastructure or "Soil yourself"

img Smart photo editor architecture

img Text rendering in Android

img Mutation Testing at Scale

img Screen state modeling

img UI Automator deep diving

img Life hacks working with Google Play Store and App Store Connect tech support

img Efficient Kotlin

img Translation problems. Helping Xcode understand our code faster

img "Non-mobile" Androids review: TV, Wear, Auto & Things

img How to sell yourself for fun and profit