Mobius 2019 SPb (22.05.2019 — 23.05.2019)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel ┬źPark Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya┬╗

img Empathy in IT: How to use your human nature rationally

img img Testing by design

img Native data serialisation in iOS

img Restructuring mobile development in an enterprise

img Reactive errors, or Retry dialog in one line of code

img Deep diving into the Kotlin Coroutines API

img 50 hours in an hour: Scaling autotests in iOS

img Gradle pipeline optimisation: Beyond basics

img Working with networks effectively

img AppCraft: Faster than a speeding release train

img 640K ought to be enough for anyone

img Peace and harmony: Android and neural networks

img Accessibility for iOS: Doing well by doing good

img The art of intentionality

img Automated testing of mobile apps in the cloud

img DDD in mobile development

img Scaling architecture at Lyft

img Fantastic plugins and where to find them

img Audio session in IOS: How to synchronize audio streams

img Implementing messages cache in VK

img Tools for protecting your users' data

img Everything about collaborative access in mobile apps

img img How to start writing autotests without losing one's mind

img Beyond Xcode

img Building your own IoT assistant

img Multiplatform projects in Kotlin 1.3

img Coroutining Android apps

img Mastering Auto Layout for iOS applications

img Smarter mobile interface design patterns