Mobius 2018 Msc (08.12.2018 — 09.12.2018)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img Fast and beautiful: Modern image delivery techniques

img The lord of the modules

img Things I wish I knew when I started building Android libraries — Vol. 2

img Core Bluetooth is not that scary, or how to improve user experience with little effort

img Android builds at Lyft

img Android in terminals and corporate gadgets: Our experience of building COSU architecture

img Implementing UI in iOS: Better. Faster. And it scales!

img Squeeze your Swift: how to write safer, smarter code by constraining associated types, protocols, generics, and extensions

img Using Kotlin to share code between Android and iOS

img Sign me

img Make mobile apps fast again

img Dependency injection with Koin

img Advanced live streaming

img Kotlin puzzlers, Vol. 2

img Compilers. Dalvik. ART. And everything in between

img Performance analytics: Why and how?

img Monorepo: The journey back. History of modularization at Badoo

img How to cache information in an Android application and not to shoot yourself in the leg

img Mobile VR: From idea to release

img Architectural approach to errors handling

img Android: He protec, but he also attac

img Flutter — how to make a beautiful app in an hour?

img img Video streaming and playback over bare sockets and codecs

img G(PU) force

img Flux architecture in an iOS project

img Mobile architecture at scale

img How to cook a well done MVI for Android

img SceneKit in use

img How modularity changed not only our code, but also the whole process

img One app, 200+ developers: practices and tools

img Project Treble: a lifelong technical debt

img Testing to extremes: Dirty little tricks from the dark corners of mobile UIs