Joker 2019 (25.10.2019 — 26.10.2019)

Saint Petersburg

Peterburgskoye hwy., 62/1, Expoforum

img img Reactive Spring revisited

img How does multithreading in Hazelcast work

img Maximizing performance with GraalVM

img Not dead yet — Java on desktop

img Keeping up with Java: Look at all these new features!

img Tuning performance of your reactive app

img Java scaled to zero

img The Sea of Nodes and the HotSpot JIT

img Bootiful testing

img Striving towards more productive development workflows

img IntelliJ IDEA Plugin DevKit Crash Course

img GraalVM and MicroProfile: A polyglot microservices solution

img Testing concurrent algorithms with Lincheck

img Spring Security for N00bz: A quick introduction for the terminally insecure

img Migrating beyond Java 8

img TeaVM: Difficulties of compilation from Java to JavaScript

img Spring Framework 5.2: Core container revisited

img Feature evolution in Java 13 and beyond

img Cassandra — stories from the life of performance engineer

img A race of two compilers: GraalVM JIT versus HotSpot JIT C2. Which one offers better runtime performance?

img DevOps for developers (or maybe against them?!)

img img Spring Reactive Ripper

img Microservices: Single digit microseconds latency — friends and foes

img Practical change data streaming use cases with Apache Kafka and Debezium

img The sinuous path toward Valhalla

img Java 9-14: Small Optimizations

img Application streaming is not only a code, but 3-4 years of support in production

img Armeria: A microservice framework well-suited everywhere

img TornadoVM: A virtual machine for exploiting high performance heterogeneous hardware of Java programs

img Efficient and reliable microservices

img Condy? NestMates? Constable? Understanding JDK 11 & 12's JVM features

img Testcontainers: Year later

img ScalaTest: You're asserting it wrong

img Does Java need "inline" types? What project Valhalla can bring to Java from a narrow view of performance engineer

img Concurrent Garbage collectors: ZGC & Shenandoah

img Java 11 support in Jenkins. Our war story

img Glimpse into Alibaba Dragonwell: Towards a Java runtime for cloud computing

img Decrypting tech hype for the busy coder