Mobius 2018 SPb (20.04.2018 — 21.04.2018)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel ┬źPark Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya┬╗

img Trusting iOS SDKs

img Profiling via examples: looking for a bottleneck

img Forget RxJava: Kotlin coroutine is all you need

img Building voice responsive apps on iOS

img img Multiplatform architecture with Kotlin for iOS and Android

img A hard-fought road to JobScheduler and back

img img Layers of testing in iOS applications

img Birth, life and death, or What happens to your app in Android

img "Recognizing Private Ryan": offline face recognition on a mobile device

img Upload in Odnoklassniki social network

img Services: to live with and without

img A/B testing we're gonna love

img How to fit a million stars into an iPhone

img On the shoulders of giants: languages Kotlin learned from

img Multi-module architecture of a project

img Dependency manager is not just cURL

img Add some reality to your app with ArCore

img Decreasing build time: Kapt and other adventures

img Reverse engineering mobile apps: how, why, and what now?

img img How to cook your app in Playgrounds

img Data-driven UI: unlimited power

img Total recall: Autofill Framework and Account Transfer API

img What mom never told you about multithreading

img Actor models: a fresh look at an old approach

img img Fintech lessons: the basics of mobile app security

img Introduction to AOSP, or Android building that takes all night

img Mobile apps releases in Avito

img Augmented reality in Yandex Maps

img Microservice architecture for Android multimedia device

img The epic battle: iOS vs. Android