Mobius 2017 SPb (21.04.2017 — 22.04.2017)

Saint Petersburg

Lodeynopolskaya Str., 5, Congress Centre «PetroCongress»

img Mobile First…​

img React Native: Survival Guide

img You've been told lies about Fragments — Custom Views were everything you always needed

img iOS app development process: from an idea to the result

img May the Code Review be with you

img Kotlin all the…​ tests!

img IPC: AIDL is sexy, not a curse

img img Deep dive into Clean Architecture

img Writing Swift code with great testability

img img VIP scalable architecture for React Native

img img Comparing DI frameworks & internals

img Spherical video in Android: 50 shades darker

img Startup time optimization for iOS applications

img Hidden mysteries behind big mobile codebases

img Mutation Testing: how good your tests are

img img Kotlin Puzzlers

img img Modern approach to Android app architecture: RxJava, Kotlin, MVVM

img The Mysterious Swift Performance

img Marvel of Annotation Preprocessing in Java

img Code generation from A to Z

img How to achieve 60fps UI rendering on iOS

img The horror of mobile graphics

img Cicerone - Navigation in MVP without pain

img Year of the Xamarin.Forms

img Swift Scripting in Practice

img ConstraintLayout all the things!

img The energy saving mode, iBeacon and MFi

img Measuring UX in an iOS app

img Let's think architecture through

img Writing truly testable code

img Toothpick: a fresh approach to Dependency Injection on Android

img MVP — typical tasks and approaches to solving them in Moxy

img Appium: Automation for Apps

img Analyze this

img How to turn your app into a product