Joker 2016 (14.10.2016 — 15.10.2016)

Saint Petersburg

Peterburgskoye hwy., 62/1, Expoforum

img Myths and facts about Java Performance

img From CRUD to Hypermedia APIs with Spring

img img Groovy Puzzlers S03 — The Unstoppable Puzzlers Hit Again!

img How to calculate the CTR of 100M objects in real-time and not to die

img Tracing distributed (micro-)service calls

img Native Code, Off-heap Data, and Java

img Working effectively with IDE(A)

img Release management with Gradle

img Spring RabbitMQ

img No container: a Modern Java Stack with

img Understanding Hardware Transactional Memory

img img Maven vs Gradle: Dawn of Project Automation

img Weird Stream API

img Asynchronous, but readable: coroutines in Kotlin

img JBatch or not such a big data

img Java on Elbrus

img Griffon: what's new and what's coming

img Breaking logs

img Riding the Jet Streams

img Databases: individual tailoring and fitting on

img Let's Talk About Invokedynamic

img Deadlocks in enterprise systems: sources, impact, tackling

img SpringCloud Service Discovery Internals

img Beating Threads — live coding music

img From Java to Assembly: Down the Rabbit Hole

img Close Encounters of Java Memory Model Kind

img Low Latency & Mechanical Sympathy : issues and solutions

img Advanced search for your legacy application

img Why functional programming matters (for data scientist)?

img Be prepared to G1 GC, or Evolution of the G1 GC

img HotSpot Internals: Safepoints, NullPointers and StackOverflows

img What does Spark prepare?

img To be reactive…​ or not to be

img Java 9 Modularity in Action

img Apache Cayenne: a Java ORM Alternative

img Vert.x: Beauty and the Beast

img Computer Science is not dead yet

img That is how we built our highly-available platform or how to solve real-life problems with in-memory grids

img Making Java more dynamic

img An overview of Gradle 3.0 and its new features.

img Pragmatic Performance

img Performance: What's In It For You?

img Myths about Spark, or the possibility of using Spark by an ordinary Java developer