Joker 2015 University Day (18.10.2015)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel ┬źPark Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya┬╗

img Student syndrome: why do we do everything at the last moment?

img Performance Optimization 101

img img Microservices: Blood, Sex and Violence

img Master Class: Strength of the first step or group deprocrastination session

img Highload. Java. Odnoklassniki.

img Multithreaded programming is DIFFICULT!

img Java BigData Full Stack Development - is there life for a math student in the icy world of Java?

img Workdays of a productivity engineer

img Kotlin: what is meant by a modern programming language

img The Bootiful Microservice

img Poor code, or How to deal with the seven deadly sins of the developer

img Everything that you wanted to know about the Legacy code, but were embarrassed to ask

img img JVM: a short course in general anatomy

img Dining philosophers strike back!

img Hibernate introduction: what, why, and where are the standard traps