Mobius 2015 SPb (03.04.2015)

Saint Petersburg

Lodeynopolskaya Str., 5, Congress Centre «PetroCongress»

img Jet engine for your Android application

img Chromecast, or why is this the best way to spend 30€

img Android Geo Apps: In Soviet Russia, latitude and longitude are looking for YOU!

img img img img img img Mobile security roundtable: engineering challenges 2015

img How to teach robots to play games?

img 50 shades of SmartTV mobile application development

img Mobile app development for global brands

img Divide and rule

img Cross-platform game design

img Comfortable development of mobile projects

img What is and what is not worth doing to protect data of iOS applications

img img Everything that you wanted to know about game animation, but were afraid to google

img Bug shall not pass

img Mobile threats: defend yourself!

img iBeacon technology in payment solutions

img img Mobile analytics

img King’s new dress: Applying the hardware capabilities of modern processors to create a secure Android environment

img Rapid development of cross-platform games and applications on the Corona SDK

img SmartWatches development: Apple WatchKit, Android Wear, and TizenOS

img Full root: Practical tips for surviving Android and iOS apps in untrusted environments

img Couchbase lite - NoSQL for mobile platforms