DevOops 2019 SPb (29.10.2019 — 30.10.2019)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel «Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya»

img Characters, community, and culture: Important factors for prosperity

img Serverless containers with Knative and Cloud Run

img Scale your auditing events

img Terraform vs Helm: Battle for infrastructure

img img Do it in code (not YAML)! Unlock power of Kotlin DSL for Kubernetes

img The unbearable lightness of scaling pods in Kubernetes

img Delivering progressively with Jenkins X

img Pipelines & pods: DevOps with Kubernetes

img How to deal with Kafka so it won't get Kafkaesque

img 10 years of on-call. What have we learned?

img DevOps patterns and antipatterns for continuous software updates

img Flagging your features — a DevOps approach to continuous release

img Ansible: Tractor mode. We create a roles that will travel everywhere!

img Removing the barriers

img CDK and infrastructure as a code

img How to draw DevOps?

img How to steer MySQL steam boat

img WTF do we need a service mesh?

img Implementing microservices architecture as Cloud Run application

img Automating everything with Github Actions

img From zero to DevOps superhero: The container edition

img Service mesh for building multicluster systems

img The final story about operators

img Making the Internet faster. And sleeping well at night

img Under the hood of serverless Jenkins: Jenkinsfile Runner

img Mobile app development: DevOps or not DevOps

img The curse of infrastructure team

img Adapting your infrastructure to go multi-*

img CI of big projects in JetBrains

img Why IT industry is entering its darkest era yet, how DevOps is to blame and why Das Kapital can help