Joker 2014 (20.10.2014 — 21.10.2014)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel «Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya»

img Beyond the possible (keynote)

img The Illusion of Execution

img img Power plant in one programming power with a heart from Raspberry Pi and a brain on Java Embedded

img Java as the main Data Scientist work tool

img Best DIY debugger

img Open Heart Surgery: HotSpot Debugging at the OS Level

img Writing code faster, making mistakes less often: is this possible?

img Java Benchmarking: how to read two timestamps!

img img Unsafe Java World — Crossing the Borderline

img Optimizing the presentation of complex Java objects: ObjectLayout project

img Hotspot, what are you doing ?! Ahaha, stop it!

img Beyond NoSQL: NewSQL on Cassandra

img Integration Testing from the Trenches

img img img Why does Spring have so many configurations? Conspiracy? And you, Spring Boot?!

img Low level Java coding with examples from OpenHFT

img Profiler for every home

img Iron meters to guard performance

img JavaScript in the Enterprise

img From Disk Architecture to In-Memory

img Viral effect

img 50 Best Features of Java EE 7

img img Groovy Puzzlers - Strange, Incomprehensible and Mom-a-this-what-what?!

img Optimization of work of JVM in a cloud - a myth or a reality?

img OS/JVM dialectic – ending the struggle through unity

img Monitoring a Java Application with multiprocess architecture

img In simple words about type inference

img Applied multithreading

img Java data structures, reinventing

img Approaches to solving performance problems of highly loaded services

img Is Your Code Parallel-Ready?

img USS "Enterprise" - through the black security holes of Java Web containers

img Ahead-of-time compilation

img Spring Data? Da, ta!

img Future of Java: 9 and beyond

img So you want to write another JVM language?

img java.lang.String Catechism

img Why does the GC eat up all of my CPU?

img Clojure: interactive development for interactive web