Joker 2020 (25.11.2020 — 28.11.2020)


img Interview and Q&A: Java and Kotlin evolution. What awaits us?

img Spring: Your next Java microframework

img img Architecting and delivering Java applications in the cloud era

img img Workshop: GraalVM (part 1)

img Pitfalls of Java classloaders and how they can affect work performance with XML

img How to tell "no" to an architect? Tips for sizing a microservice

img img RSocket + Spring: A full throttle introduction

img How we did SQL in Hazelcast

img To make JVM profiler win_able

img img Workshop: GraalVM (part 2)

img Java Licensing Tips

img img img img Panel discussion: Present and future of Java

img Spring Boot "fat" JAR: Thin parts of a thick artifact

img Change data capture pipelines with Debezium and Kafka Streams

img Aeron. High performance transport for low latency microservices

img It's time to try machine learning in Java

img Interview: It's time to try machine learning in Java

img img Thread Safety with Phaser, StampedLock and VarHandle

img Working with in-memory data sharding with a flavor of Spring Data

img img Writing test driven apps with http4k

img Java in Serverless — to be or not to be?

img Project loom: Modern scalable concurrency for the Java platform

img Kotlin Compiler in past, 1.4 and beyond

img Hidden pearls for high-performance-persistence in Java

img Workshop: Stop writing tests, write specs instead! (part 1)

img img Why do you need knowledge of concurrent development in an enterprise

img Rewriting Apache Maven to make it fast as Gradle

img Novel but practical uses of Java

img Microservices design philosophy with

img Have you really taken the time to know me: A G1 GC saga

img Workshop: Stop writing tests, write specs instead! (part 2)

img Spring Patterns for adults

img img Kafka streams testing: A deep dive

img Docker Who: Small containers through time and space

img Keeping growing software projects under control with Gradle

img img Kogito: Cloud-native business automation

img Hell's kitchen: How to prepare a new version of Java and not poison the users of LTS releases?

img Will robots replace programmers?

img The path towards Spring Boot native applications

img Coordinated Restore at Checkpoint: Quick start for the OpenJDK

img Back from the 70s — the Concurnas concurrency model!