Joker 2013 (15.10.2013)

Saint Petersburg

Korablestroiteley St., 14, Hotel «Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya»

img Facts and misconceptions about Java serialization

img Groovy DSL for plugins: Human language extensions

img How I created a Java desktop application downloaded 9,000,000 times

img Frankenstein Voldemort or key-value data in Odnoklassniki

img OOP paradigms, the basics of robust design and Java application architecture

img Crash dump - black box of fallen JVM

img Clean Tests: how to structure your tests, so that they serve you well

img Spring 4.0: new generation

img Understanding Java Garbage Collection and what you can do about it

img Trade-offs, or How programming languages are designed

img What the profiler is silent about

img Java mapping for pragmatic programmers

img Project Jigsaw. Take 2

img JBoss Drools Expert against dirt

img Quarterly Video platform

img The (not so) dark art of Performance Tuning

img Mutation testing, or What Code Coverage is silent about

img img Entertaining JVM technical support life stories

img Windows Azure + Java = (Open) Integration

img API development in a Java project: how to influence people and not gain enemies

img Scala for professionals

img Java certification. What is and why is it needed

img img Java Embedded at your home!

img Bet you have a memory leak in your application?

img JDK8: Stream style

img Load testing for video distribution server

img In-Memory Accelerator for MongoDB

img What the Heap Dumps are silent about

img Finding Tommy Hilfiger

img Invokedynamic: Luxury or necessity?

img UrsaJ: HTTP File Storage