Joker 2018 (19.10.2018 — 20.10.2018)

Saint Petersburg

Peterburgskoye hwy., 62/1, Expoforum

img Don't walk away from complexity, run

img Java 11 is here!

img Production time profiling and diagnostics on the JVM

img img Should we try ARM, honey? Theory, applications and workloads

img Postgres-10k: Scaling Postgres for several thousands of active clients

img Transaction cascades, or how to build a transactional microservice architecture

img Correctness / performance / complexity: Is functional programming worth it?

img How to save yourself from Jar Hell with the help of Jigsaw Layers

img Java 4..11, Kotlin, Code Coverage and their best friend — bytecode: scandals, intrigues, investigations

img Sorting out memory of a Java process

img Spring Boot 2: what they do not write in release notes

img Jlink and Custom Runtime Image — Frankenstein's workshop

img Building an effective identity and access management architecture with Keycloak

img Pattern matching and its imaginary friends

img Not by Spring alone

img Public API infrastructure evolution

img Multiagent transportation model for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia on Java in 4 months, with blackjack and evolutionary algorithms

img img The adventures of Senior Holmes and Junior Watson in the world of software development [Joker Edition]

img Profiling a black swan using Intel Processor Trace, or what to do when your code takes 20 ms to run instead of 2 ms

img Multi Device Controls — a different approach to UX with Gluon, JavaFX and Polymer

img img img img img Round table with Joker organizers

img Reactive hardcore: how to implement own Publisher<?>

img Machine learning in Java from nothing to production in one hour

img Compiling Java ahead-of-time with GraalVM

img Reactive config

img img Micronaut vs Spring Boot, or who's the smallest here?

img Apache Maven supports ALL Java

img Channels in Kotlin coroutines

img How to tune Spark performance for ML needs

img img Java Puzzlers NG S04: Ha, it seems that with this release cycle puzzlers came here to stay!

img Reactive streamer

img Lambda compilation and other gimmicks of modern JDKs

img Attribute-based authorization: How we stopped distributing roles and started on policies

img Reactive Spring

img Walking dead objects, or GC is always right

img Don't aim for quality, aim for speed

img Fuzzing for JVM testing: how and why

img Applying (D)DDD and CQ®S to cloud architectures with Spring Boot and Docker

img Kotlin — 2 years in production without breaks

img Integrating .NET and Java virtual machines

img Modern FP using Tagless Final

img New reality of digital civilization