JPoint 2021 (13.04.2021 — 17.04.2021)


img Test code quality is not just nice-to-have

img CRIU and Java opportunities and challenges

img Restoring lost expertise of service

img Dismantling technical debt and hubris

img EDA with Akka Streams, or how to accelerate problem solving in a few easy steps

img +10 to Java code safety in 10 minutes

img The DGS framework by Netflix GraphQL for Spring Boot made easy

img Adding generational support to Shenandoah GC

img Reading from Cassandra — internals and performance

img img Building scalable microservices for Java using Helidon and Coherence CE

img Presentation of JetBrains Space, a universal platform for teamwork

img Reactive Spring

img Getting the most from modern Java

img Performance: Nuances vs obviousness

img Multi-step refactorings in IntelliJ IDEA

img 1000 and 1 way to strand in Spring WebFlux when writing a high-performance service

img R2DBC. Is it worth it?

img Why user-mode threads are (often) the right answer

img Babashka: A native Clojure interpreter for scripting

img Spring Cloud in Kubernetes era

img img Enum in API — The deceit of illusory simplicity

img img Secret ingredient: How to triple your user base in a year

img Inner loop development with Spring Boot on Kubernetes

img img GC optimizations you never knew existed

img How we built a high-performance Akka system from scratch: Gentleman's set and pitfalls

img img Workshop: Pair programming (part 1)

img Benefits of pair programming

img img I am a developer. I don't write tests

img Type inference: Friend or foe?

img img Jakarta EE 9 and beyond

img You can go your way: Kafka without Zookeeper

img img Workshop: Pair programming (part 2)

img IntelliJ productivity tips — The secrets of the fastest developers on Earth

img Real World JFR: Experiences building and deploying a continuous profiler at scale

img What languages are IDE-friendly?

img img Workshop: Build Bomberman with RSocket (part 1)

img MSA & feature flags. Kafka, flags and "faster in production"

img Migrating Java backend to Kotlin

img What is a Working Product and how to make it

img Why you should upgrade your Java for containers

img Java Records for the intrigued

img img Workshop: Build Bomberman with RSocket (part 2)

img Spring Data Postroitel' (Spark it!) (part 1)

img Code With Me — new platform for remote collaborative development

img Spring Data Postroitel' (Spark it!) (part 2)