JPoint 2019 (05.04.2019 — 06.04.2019)


Krasnopresnenskaya Emb., 12, «WTC» Congress Center

img The world needs full-stack craftsmen

img Software testing pitfalls

img JDK 12: Pitfalls for the unwary

img Create your own interpreter with a JIT in 1 hour

img RSocket — future reactive application protocol

img Reactive programming: lessons learned

img Pushing a big project forward: the Jenkins story

img The Proxy fairy and the magic of Spring

img Don't put all your eggs in one container

img Bulletproof Java Enterprise applications for the hard production life

img A tale of how we did channel algorithm in Kotlin Coroutines

img Maximizing performance with GraalVM (talk + workshop)

img Performance aspects of Axon-based CQRS/ES systems

img Spring comes ahead of time, or Unbearable lightness of AOT compilation of the Spring Boot applications

img Lost in transaction? Strategies to manage consistency in distributed systems

img Don't be Homer Simpson to your Reactor!

img Anatomy and physiology of Vaadin Flow

img img Reactive, or not reactive: that is the question

img Improve Java build performance with Gradle 5

img Java microservices: from Netflix OSS to Kubernetes

img Java 11 reactive HTTP Client

img Playing God: Has science crossed a line?

img JVM TI: how to create a "plugin" for a virtual machine

img Local variable type inference: Friend or foe?

img Cloud native, service-meshed Java Enterprise with Istio

img Kotlin: how do usual constructions work

img Metacompilation, partial evaluation, the Futamura projections, and how GraalVM will save the world

img Decomposing Java applications

img Kotlin/Native: why make a native language in 2019? What is beyond JVM?

img Kafka Streams API: Moving beyond Hello World

img Atomic refactoring in IntelliJ IDEA: Bending IDE to our will

img When it all went to Kafka

img Fast & functional

img img Let's make some 0xCAFEBABE — test-driven bytecode engineering

img Moving Spring Boot microservices from Java 8 to Java 11: what can possibly go wrong?

img Do it yourself: Collections

img Java is slow: CodeCache edition

img The definite guide to Java agents

img How to unravel the tangle: Analyzing and debugging apps in IntelliJ IDEA

img Efficient file-based IO for Java developers

img Seamless web services development with Mu

img What do I do with 1000s cores. Lessons learnt building an agent-based modelling system

img Making sense out of serverless computing