JPoint 2017 (07.04.2017 — 08.04.2017)


Krasnopresnenskaya Emb., 12, «WTC» Congress Center

img Performance: What's In It For You?

img img Java Puzzlers NG S02: Down the Rabbit Hole

img More Than You Want to Know about Java's String

img Architectural crossroads

img Where is my service, dude?

img Divide, Distribute and Conquer: Stream v. Batch

img How to find deadlock, not hitting it

img Devops: now Java is not slow

img Fast and Safe Production Monitoring of JVM Applications with BPF Magic

img img The art of JVM profiling

img “Computer, how my cluster is doing?” and other magic spells

img Scalability in distributed in-memory systems

img Brainstorming a Clean, Pragmatic Architecture

img Spring — Deep and not-so-deep dive

img Microservices and Modularity or the difference between treatment and cure!

img Programming language implementation for a tariff system

img Application Performance Monitoring: comparison, issues and solutions

img The collective responsibility problem

img img The Curse of Spring Test

img Package your Java Application using Docker and Kubernetes

img Java byte-code verification: when, how, or maybe to turn it off?

img Future of Kotlin: Strategy and tactics

img Shenandoah: The Garbage Collector That Could

img Hidden complexity of a routine task: presenting table data in user interface

img Development of modern distributed systems: problems and solutions

img Struggle for performance in Intellij IDEA

img Hibernate performance tuning

img CRDT. Resolve conflicts better than Cassandra

img Through the keyhole of hashCode into VM

img Full-Text Search Explained

img Deploy your microservice using Amazon Web Services S3, API Gateway, Lambda and Couchbase

img Java Annotations Are a Big Mistake

img Handling with Spark what Kafka is streaming

img Code vectorization in JVM

img Performance engineering story: How Oracle optimized HTTP/2 client

img Java inspections in IntelliJ IDEA: What can go wrong?

img DataWars. The Bloody Enterprise strikes back

img Analyzing HotSpot Crashes

img Going Native: Foreign Functions on the JVM

img img Kotlin Puzzlers