JPoint 2016 (22.04.2016 — 23.04.2016)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img img img img img img High fashion news, or Looking for the silver bullet

img What you need to know about logging to a pragmatic Java programmer

img (Almost) non-blocking synchronization

img Monads - an abstraction or a crutch?

img Hotspot and AOT: It's time to compile

img Unobvious Generics

img How to Apply Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning to Real Time Processing

img HotSpot Intrinsics

img Oh, the cat ran: Compilation and performance of the code on Kotlin

img Distributed systems in Odnoklassniki

img A saga about how Java developers should test their applications

img Hadoop Jungle: a world of wild algorithms and poisonous JVMs

img Escape analysis and scalarization

img img img Build tool battle - Maven vs Gradle vs SBT

img Native code, off-heap data and Java

img Well, the performance of your opensource!

img If not Unsafe, then who: the rise of VarHandles

img Microservices and Containers in the Middleware World

img Myths about Spark or whether a regular Java developer can use Spark

img img Your personal Spring Boot Starter

img Bring up your monkey

img img img img img img «Razbor Polotov» Live!

img Man and instincts: how programmed are we?

img It works - do not touch! Or why did we redo the whole architecture again

img JCache and Distributed Caches: Mayhem!

img Quantum Performance Effects II: Beyond the Core

img Analytics with Spark and Cassandra

img img New Sberbank Platform: from idea to replication. Inside look

img Stream API oddities

img Fear and loathing in distributed systems

img How to make a profiler from sticks …​ and other improvised tools

img Java 8 support in Excelsior JET

img Anatomy of a distributed Data Grid with Apache Ignite

img img img Java 8 Puzzlers

img Deeper than stack traces, wider than hip dumps

img Types: war of strict with soft …​ and why?

img img Expand your boundaries with Gradle

img img IMDG as the main repository - remember everything!

img Wait for your happiness without blocking!

img img Solving the full stack problem, live!

img ORM is a shame

img img 11 Friends of the Internet of Things

img img img Development of a client module for the largest back-office system on the grid

img The Lord of the Strings: Two Scours

img High performance and fault tolerant architecture

img Clean up after yourself!

img 1,2, 314, 271.. SecureRandom in JVM. Hitchhiker's Guide

img img …​

img Seven lessons developers can learn from film