DevOops 2017 (20.10.2017)

Saint Petersburg

Startovaya St., 6 A, Hotel «Crowne Plaza St.Petersburg Airport»

img Come scale away with me: solving for problems you don’t have

img How to properly blame things for causing latency: an introduction to distributed tracing and Zipkin

img 10 reasons [not to use k8s]

img img Silicon Valley Chainsaw Massacre (how I spent my last Friday night on-call)

img SmartMonitoring — business logic monitoring in Odnoklassniki

img Expanding k8s

img Managing multiple clouds FTW

img From a sysadmin to a human being

img Managing your microservices with Kubernetes and Istio

img Comparing Ansible, SaltStack, Chef and Puppet from practice perspective

img Continuously delivering infrastructure to the cloud

img img img img img Panel discussion – How to "sell" DevOps to your teammates, your boss, and others who don't give a f*ck

img Continuous Delivery in Windows environment

img img Troubleshooting & debugging production applications in Kubernetes (a.k.a. The Failing Demo Talk)

img img Success story: "Dev+DevOps+Ops"

img One-cloud: data center OS in Odnoklassniki

img img DevOps @ scale — greek tragedy in three acts