JPoint 2014 (18.04.2014)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img Theoretical minimum for understanding Java Memory Model

img Crash dump - «black box» of the fallen JVM

img img Advanced Deployment

img Java multithreading under the hood

img Heap, off you go

img Choosing technologies for an enterprise application

img Java 8: Advanced Stream Techniques

img Akka framework and its use in Yandex

img Sandbox escape. Java zero day vulnerabilities

img Java 8 and JVM: what's new in HotSpot?

img Trade-offs, or How programming languages are designed

img Compiler-level meta programming in Groovy

img Java Benchmarking: how to write two timestamps!

img Spring the Ripper

img img Java Embedded at your home

img Garbage collection, battle of algorithms

img Barefoot Hibernate rake

img Java compiler and IDE: mutually beneficial collaboration