JPoint 2015 (20.04.2015)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img Techno-bio-creatures: the code of artificial life

img Dude, where's my memory?!

img Internet banking architecture without Enterprise

img Javassist at the service of a Java developer

img Migrating from PL/SQL to Java

img Catechism java.lang.String

img img Spring Puzzlers - The Beginning

img Packed Objects, Object Layout & Value Types — a Survey

img img Rise of the machines: in an enterprise with 256K RAM

img Not everything, but a lot about what you wanted to know about how to write asynchronous multi-threaded HTTP applications, but were afraid to ask Shipilev

img Continuous profiling of Java applications during operation

img Mom, I really want Hibernate for NoSQL, or whatever you have in mind…​

img img Team development tools

img Best DIY debugger

img Scala development productivity

img img Epic Groovy Puzzlers - Revenge Of The Brackets

img img img img Round table. Refactoring and technical debt

img CompletableFuture is already here

img RESTful services and OAuth protocol in IoT

img Iron meters to guard performance

img img img img Round table. Java developer tools

img Squeeze me completely

img Aspect-oriented solution to classic problems

img We express ourselves regularly

img img img img Round table. The future of the Java platform

img Do we need JMS in the world of modern Java technologies?

img Secrets are in our heads, not in the JVM

img Scala under the hood

img img img img Round table. Highload