JPoint 2013 (05.04.2013)

Saint Petersburg

Lodeynopolskaya Str., 5, Congress Centre «PetroCongress»

img Java Life Story

img What's New in Java 8

img (The Art of) (Java) Performance Benchmarking II

img IntelliJ IDEA from the inside: architecture, performance, development process

img GC: friend or foe?

img JVM bytecode converter for Phantom virtual machine

img Eclipse vs Intellij IDEA

img Type-safe Web with Kotlin

img Quantum Performance Effects

img Closures and Collections — the World After Eight

img Cool!est Cassandra

img Java Memory Model: close encounters of the third kind

img Bulletproof Java Concurrency

img img Dynamic race detection in multi-threaded Java programs

img Java Runtime: daily duties of the Java Virtual Machine

img Exploring JVM Memory optimization capabilities and limitations: one project history

img Type annotations in Java 8. And why it's good