C++ Russia 2021 (15.11.2021 — 18.11.2021)


img Designing for the long term: Invariants, knobs, extensions, and Hyrum's Law

img Unexpected things to know about working with Unicode in C++

img Programming graphics cards: intruduction into essential practices of GPGPU optimizations

img Developing embedded databases: tips, tricks and pitfalls

img Deep dive into Futures: Task Parallelism approach

img Software development at Kaspersky Lab: how does it work

img Anatomy of asynchronous engines

img A rich world of Exception Handling

img The next level of C++20 Templates: Concepts and more

img Genode for C++ developers — the framework for creating operating systems

img C++20 coroutines in Seastar

img C++ in two atypical projects

img Improving the quality of the first introduction to static analysis with the Intelligence Diagnostic Filter

img Semi-automatic refactoring of everything with clang-tidy and clang-query

img Contract-based programming in C++

img PGO: How it works and how to use it properly

img Just Enough Assembly for Compiler Explorer

img img Performance and safety: how to combine

img Interchangeable AoS and SoA containers

img JIT in ClickHouse

img What I learned about language and library design by working on Swift

img C++ in the world of embedded systems

img EVE: A new, powerful open source C++20 SIMD library

img Concurrency in C++20 and beyond

img Non-standard application of image processing algorithms on the example of 2GIS maps

img Anxiety and career

img ThreadSanitizer anatomy

img Functional safety: best reliability practices and worst automotive requirements

img Typescripten — generating type-safe JavaScript bindings for emscripten

img It is time to finally bury CMake 2.x

img Integrating Lua scripts into a C++ application to implement the Visitor pattern

img Embracing (and also Destroying) Variant Types Safely

img Background tasks: Resource management and cancellation

img Common errors in C++ which led to vulnerabilities and their mitigation in KasperskyOS

img img Getting the most out of GDB

img img Technical interview: Algorithmic section

img img Less is better: how to optimize interview time

img (ab)using enum

img img Technical Interview: System Design

img Why vcpkg is not Conan

img Fun with type erasure + dispatching data from abstract structure to function parameters

img Zen and the art of code lifecycle maintenance

img img C++ puzzlers