JBreak 2016 (19.03.2016)


Nikolaev St., 12, Technopark of Novosibirsk Academgorodok

img What you need to know about logging to a pragmatic Java programmer

img Hotspot and AOT

img Groovier BDD with Spock

img Unobvious Generics <?>();

img The Lord of the Strings: Two Scours

img New Core-banking of Sberbank group: The future is now

img img IMDG as the main repository - remember everything!

img Practical profiling of Java applications

img Hadoop jungle: a world of wild algorithms and poisonous JVMs

img img Enterprise systems development without EE

img img Load testing of distributed systems - experience, errors, problems

img Distributed Systems in Odnoklassniki

img Java 8 support in Excelsior JET

img Luxoft: what they don't write about on Glassdoor

img Well, the performance of your opensource!

img Vert.x: manual

img img Features of Java implementation on the Elbrus processor

img Stream API: recommendations from the best dog breeders

img HotSpot Intrinsics

img img img Extension of development tools for company needs

img High performance and fault tolerant front-end architecture

img Squeeze me completely

img img Your personal Spring Boot Starter

img A long road in the dunes, or How Liferay lived up to OSGI