HolyJS 2019 SPb (24.05.2019 — 25.05.2019)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel «Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya»

img Deno, a new way to JavaScript

img ApolloClient or Relay with fragments, "hairy" GraphQL and TypeScript — all we need for proper static analysis of a React application

img Error handling: doing it right!

img Stranger testing

img Chrome DevTools protocol

img Scaling a React component library — building a design language for 500+ web applications

img 🚀 PDF printing

img Recursion has never been invented: A tale of intrigue

img Creating accessible alerts, notifications and other asynchronous components

img Identity verification with ML

img How does a frontend router work? Deep dive with Vue Router

img Documenting application behaviours with E2E tests

img An approach to type-safe development in TypeScript

img Promoting open source projects

img Technical SEO 101 for web developers

img Migrate a React application to server-side with Next.js

img img Embedding V8 in the real world

img Modern web testing and automation with Puppeteer

img Graph algorithms

img Google Closure Compiler — how it works and how it can be used in modern front-end

img Processing Data Lake with Node.js in serverless architecture

img MobX and the unique symbiosis of predictability and speed

img How and why I write my own static type checker

img Nice and neat CI/CD: Where and how to start

img The visual future of reactive applications with statecharts

img To ESM is human: Module systems in Node.js

img I built <frankenstein-monster>: 3 stories of migration

img Node.js: Just as fast, higher, stronger with GraalVM

img You can't read this sentence — A11y automation

img MAAS: Mind as a Service

img Remove extra code from CSS Modules runtime with webpack

img Svelte Cookbook. Master class on SvelteJS