HolyJS 2018 SPb (19.05.2018 — 20.05.2018)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel «Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya»

img Solution architecture and JavaScript

img New adventures in frontend, Season 2

img 21-century engineering

img Architecture of React Native for JS developer

img Mining crypto in browser: GPU, WebAssembly, JavaScript and all the good things to try

img Decomposition of the Main Thread in Node.js to increase throughput

img System approach to frontend performance: online measurements

img RxJS: improving performance and memory leaks

img Serverless and React 2 (it's just sleight of hand)

img System approach to frontend performance: offline measurements

img Wallaby.js & Quokka.js. Fast. Wonderful. Qualitatively.

img Web Annotation: the web’s conversation layer


img Generated REST API documentation in Node.js

img img Reservoir dogs, season 2: React vs. Vue

img Acquiring skills

img Tooling for a component library: rethinking

img What JavaScript has for us in 2018?

img 30: too much JavaScript

img Bringing mobile web back to life

img Make frontend "backend" again

img Dirty little tricks from the dark corners of eCommerce

img Working with JavaScript abstract syntax trees

img Evolution of TypeScript: curiouser and curiouser

img Yew — Rust&WebAssembly — frontend framework

img Quantum mechanics of calculations

img Tied to Mongoose: virtuals, nested schemas, discriminators

img Building Alexa Skills with Node.js

img img Porting JS on Elbrus

img Debugging JS using Chrome DevTools