HolyJS 2018 Msc (24.11.2018 — 25.11.2018)


Kutuzovsky Prospect 2/1 Building 1, Congress Park at the Radisson Royal Hotel

img State management beyond the libraries

img JavaScript ❤ binary data

img Naked truth about files at Web

img Revealing framework fundamentals: NestJS behind the curtain

img Service Worker: Using gathered experience and looking into the future

img Diving deep into webpack

img An introduction to distributed tracing

img Building GraphQL Server

img Paranoid Service Worker

img Bringing mixed reality to the web

img JS battle: How I wrote my own eval()

img Asynchronous zero

img A11Y IRL (Accessibility in real life)

img Surviving death by complexity (*offline only)

img Decentralized web

img Visualising third-party website trackers

img Turn your smartphone into Nintendo Wii-like controller with JavaScript and machine learning

img There is a bluebird in my talk that wants to get out

img What if Picasso was a robot? Teaching art to the machine

img Developing with WebAssembly: pitfalls and examples

img Type systems in a nutshell

img The Universal Serial Web

img Rendering 3D like adults

img 🏁 Final Form: Form state management via Observers

img Microservice architecture

img Accessible charts done right

img Reliable JavaScript: chasing the myth

img State of crypto in Node.js

img Building cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter.io

img Little Data Science for the big front-end