C++ Russia 2020 SPb (11.11.2020 — 14.11.2020)


img Hacking modern CMake

img Everything you know about colour is wrong

img Workshop: Metaprogramming in action (part 1)

img Introduction to heterogeneous programming with Data Parallel C++

img First steps in SIMD. Implementing STL algorithms with AVX2 vector extensions

img Embedded problems or how we left SQLite

img Workshop: Metaprogramming in action (part 2)

img C++ compilation architecture: Problems and solutions

img Trying to build an open source browser in 2020

img Unique_pseudofunction — N overloads for the price of one

img Interview (part 1)

img Crowdsourced bug detection in production: GWP-ASan and beyond

img Interview and Q&A: ABI, change, and the future

img Variable Length Array: Is it really that scary?

img img img Discussion: C++ interview

img Windows, macOS and the Web: Lessons from cross-platform development at think-cell

img About memory

img Interview (part 2)

img Lambda? You keep using that letter

img Constructors and destructors: A few things you might want to know

img SIMD. Performance you have already paid for

img ITM: My least favorite anti-pattern

img Annotating ELF files with compile-time information

img C++: Before and after concepts

img Interview and Q&A: Reluctantly a Verb