HolyJS 2017 Msc (10.12.2017 — 11.12.2017)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img The Post JavaScript Apocalypse

img The magic of headless browsers

img Troubleshooting Node.js applications under the hood

img Faster Angular applications

img New Adventures in Responsive Web Design

img Security: Vulnerabilities in your application

img HyperDB — a scalable key-value store

img Architectural sketches: how not to ruin the architecture of your project

img Inter Windows Communication: how to build a client-side RPC

img UI components with pixel shaders, writing your first shader

img Real-world applications of hash functions

img How to fight quantum computer with WebAssembly?

img Testing serverless applications

img Yarn, npm v5, or pnpm — what's better?

img GraphQL - concluding a profitable contract between server and client

img Managing Asynchronicity with RQ

img TypeScript, or Why so complicated

img You Don’t Know Node

img /Reg(exp){2}lained/: Demystifying Regular Expressions

img Unit testing with screenshots: breaking the sound barrier

img Bending time with Schedulers and RxJS 5

img Game "Heroes of Might and Magic" in browser: long, difficult and incredibly interesting

img Animations in a stateful world

img Node.js fatal flaw

img img img img Panel discussion - JS everywhere: a silver bullet or a curse?

img Big Bang Redesign: Smashing Magazine’s 2017 Relaunch, a Case Study

img Let's (--rob--) crawl the internet

img How many frontend developers does it take to create a mobile app?