Heisenbug 2020 SPb (15.06.2020 — 18.06.2020)


img Don't do this in Android UI autotests

img Vulnerabilities in the implementation of interprocess cooperation in Android applications

img Swagger/OpenAPI Specification as the basis for your acceptance tests

img Component testing of infrastructure

img API autotest checklist with Python examples

img Интервью: Автотесты, Kaspresso, Православие и соборность

img Автоматизация в World of Tanks Blitz

img Интервью: Режем монолит на микросервисы по живому

img img Про СХД за 10 минут

img Test your code as a crime scene

img MICRObe life: Simple steps to ensure quality in the micro frontend system

img Chrome Developer Tools Protocol: Run and scale in Kubernetes

img DataSet Driven Testing

img Custom JUnit5 test engines

img Payment testing in an Android application

img Testing the performance of the client side of React/Redux application using Enzyme

img Horizontally scaling a…​ CI pipeline (The story of)

img Domain-specific language as a way to Complete automation of the testing process in Automotive

img Интервью: Как тестировать кассовый софт

img Применение Page Object и ORM в тестировании микросервисов

img Bug bounty — краудсорсинг багхантинга

img img Интервью: Поговорим об автотестах в банке

img Android Debug Bridge: Zero To Hero

img Playwright: Web testing without drama

img Reactive is awesome…​ But where is the bug?

img Pseudoscientific viruses and their adaptations

img img img QA Load — Performance testing engineers community

img img Testing ML products: Don't turn a black box into a black hole

img Programming with Grafana and InfluxDB: Cookbook

img Workshop: Building a test visualization system (part 1)

img Automation of build, tests and deploy

img Автотестовая система Лаборатории Касперского

img img Управление тестовыми данными

img Effective Unit Testing

img How Testid-strategy defeated PageObject and BDD/Cucumber monsters

img Workshop: Building a test visualization system (part 2)

img What we talk about when we talk about unit testing

img Testing Kubernetes operator exemplified by Avito Navigator

img Self-healing test automation 2.0

img Workshop: Explore the possibilities of Postman, or How some tricks will make testing more pleasant and effective (part 1)

img Поиграем в самое необычное соревнование для программистов. Прямо тут!

img Analyze performance for the benefit of ourselves and others

img Enterprise Java testing that sparks joy

img Android functional testing: Scaling the mountain

img Workshop: Explore the possibilities of Postman, or How some tricks will make testing more pleasant and effective (part 2)

img img Themed dinner: "AI in testing and IT — much hype about nothing?"