HolyJS 2016 SPb (05.06.2016)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel «Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya»

img Keynote: The pursuit of performance: user psychology

img Reactive programming: controlling data streams

img Event-Sourcing your React-Redux applications

img A low-level programming language for in-browser — getting ready to use WebAssembly

img Front-end user data

img JavaScript Device Detection

img img JavaScript Testing Experience: Unit Tests, Bikes, Moki, Pain and Screenshot Comparison

img CSSO: keeping CSS optimized

img JavaScript portals: what is it needed for?

img How I stopped to trust to technologies

img CSS-by-JS, HTML-by-JS, Everything-by-JS — everything is much easier, when it is surrounded by JavaScript

img Easy APIs with GraphQL

img X-ray diagnostics for your data

img Swarm: synchronization of devices

img Angular 2: old hero, new hopes

img Where do JS features come from?

img JS inside PostgreSQL

img The infrastructure of NodeJS distributed applications

img Gradual typing in JavaScript

img Iskra JS: JavaScript inside microcontroller

img Keynote: The JavaScript performance through spyglass