Heisenbug 2019 Msc (05.12.2019 — 06.12.2019)


Leningradsky Prospekt 31A Bld.1, Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre

img Will a bot steal your spot in software testing?

img AI and Testing: Tips from the trenches

img Static application security testing with open source tools

img Testing of Kubernetes operator

img Automation of automation department

img Amazon Lumberyard game engine testing: Tools and approaches

img Analytics test automation of mobile application

img Search quality evaluation basics

img Kotlintest and the Order of the Phoenix. What did Kotlin give to the testing world

img There is more in Appium than you think

img IoT project testing. Where is my garbage collector?

img Selenide: Bandersnatch — interactive journey through the roads of the library

img CrashMonkey & Ace: Systematically Testing File-System Crash Consistency

img Designing and building with privacy in mind

img Deep into virtual reality testing

img Solving the problems of Espresso Android autotests in the real world

img Micro frontend automation: how component libraries are tested in Tinkoff

img Make testing Enterprise Java more joyful

img Modern approach to testing iOS localization

img Don't wait for messages, get them: Asynchronous performance testing

img Testing Web Accessibility

img Lincheck. Testing concurrent data structures in Java

img Real mobile applications image optimization

img Autotest coverage visualization

img Kafka: Testing and operation in a limited resource environment

img img Making your microscope for iOS application testing

img We have DevOps. No one was fired. But what to do?!