C++ Russia 2020 Msc (29.06.2020 — 02.07.2020)


img img Present and future of copy elision

img Understanding C++ coroutines by example

img Effective continuous fuzzing — C++

img std::to_string faster than light

img Поговорим про KasperskyOS

img Онлайн-использование PVS-Studio с помощью Compiler Explorer

img Three etudes on bufferisation

img A detailed performance analysis of a simple low-latency trading system

img Applying sanitizers to whole Linux distribution

img Like in Haskell: Final Tagless and eDSL on concepts

img Interview and Q&A with Bjarne Stroustrup

img Rethinking the way we do templates in C++

img DIY: Homemade Thread Pool

img Teaching linear algebra to C++

img Примеры интересных багов, обнаруженных с помощью PVS-Studio

img Генерация С++ кода из метаописания в игровой разработке

img Reflection of the present and the future

img Introducing large-scale C++, volume I: Process and architecture

img Burning Silicon: Speed for transcoding in C++23

img AddressSanitizer anatomy

img How to update the compiler and keep sane

img How to declare a constant in C++?

img Type loopholes in C++: Standard level bug

img Thread Local in C++ as it is

img img C++: Темная сторона

img Статический анализ кода в 2020 году

img C++ ecosystem: The Renaissance edition

img How to build portable binaries for Linux

img C++ STL best and worst performance features and how to learn from them

img Applying the "hourglass" principle in library design

img Panel session: Learning C++

img Fuzzy testing for bright programmers

img Embedded registers interfaces mocking with exeptions

img ECS в UI — правда или вымысел?

img Interview and Q&A with Herb Sutter

img For your in<format>ion