Heisenbug 2018 Msc (06.12.2018 — 07.12.2018)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img We've got DevOps. Let's fire all testers

img Project needs refactoring? Here's the IDEA!

img How we wrote the Sealant framework to look for memory leaks in JS

img img Let's go and write our own Selenoid Mesos framework!

img Specific aspects of interface visual testing

img It's just too slow: Mobile application performance testing

img Java project with Reactor — what about tests?

img Selenium WebDriver development challenges

img How to build "Automation Test as a Service" for large-scale e-commerce website in eBay

img Managing the Selenoid cluster with the help of Terraform

img How to build load testing system from scratch and improve it

img Flying start into contract testing

img One thousand and one UI bugs, or how to teach developers to avoid common mistakes in UI

img Epic fails of the device manufacturers

img Rediscover exploratory testing

img Kotlin Tooling QA — testing tools around the programming language

img Elegant integration testing of microservice pandemonium using TestContainers and JUnit 5 through the example of global SMS platform

img Voyeurism of the tester, or How observing users can help you

img Finding security issues in open source

img Testing systems with external dependencies: problems, solutions, Mountebank

img Spot 10 differences, or how and why you should test page layout

img Public blockchains: What could possibly go wrong?

img Profiling own code for end-to-end tests for mobile applications

img Unit tests — from theory to practice

img Testing and crying with Spring Boot Test

img Artificial intelligence for testing in Candy Crush Saga

img What static analyzers can do while developers and testers can't

img Leveling up mobile autotests

img The joy of testing in production

img Testing to extremes: Dirty little tricks from the dark corners of mobile UIs