Heisenbug 2018 SPb (17.05.2018 — 18.05.2018)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel «Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya»

img Shipping is a risky business

img Testing with a crowd

img Evolution of mobile test automation at Badoo: from 0 to 45 hours of tests

img Building CI for mobile SDK from scratch

img Petri nets based testing

img JUnit, high five! Migrating to JUnit 5 Extensions

img How to improve CI/CD pipeline for mobile test automation

img Don’t repeat yourself: UI tests for web, iOS and Android simultaneously

img Automated testing of legacy code: methods of safe refactoring

img Test your Java applications with Spock

img 10 000 000 of tests a day

img Auxiliary approaches in the testing of microservices

img Android Test Driven Development: from writing testable code to multiple devices automation

img The logic of verification

img Issues and solutions of blockchain testing using Waves platform as an example

img How to build a testing pyramid

img Remote iOS device server: scaling iOS testing

img img Are there autotests in mobile video games?

img Still generating your report? We're coming for you!

img Enterprise Automation with Selenium and why it has very little to do with Selenium

img Fuzz testing: finding bugs in JIT compiler and much more

img Testing to the last: smart responsive interface design patterns

img Atlas is your new PageObject guide

img Configuration testing for Java developers: a case study

img Web security testing starter kit

img Testing in the modular world

img Static code analysis systems: lost in choices

img VK beta testing

img Kotlin DSL: theory and practice

img EqualsVerifier, ErrorProne and all the others

img Testers as their own worst enemies