Heisenbug 2017 Msc (08.12.2017 — 09.12.2017)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img Pandora's white box

img How to build your own test automation framework?

img TestContainers: Docker, Docker, Docker… and tests

img Testing Tools

img img Selenide Puzzlers

img Scaling Selenium

img Performance testing of web applications at browser side (JavaScript, rendering)

img img img img img Panel discussion – What does a tester need to know in 2018?

img Staging and differential testing for regression testing

img How to check a system without running it

img Automate the impossible: blending the best of Android drivers

img How to run a lot of parallel UI tests using Selenium Grid?

img The (Ab)use and misuse of test automation

img Does the search work in your application?

img img Geolocation testing at Badoo: mistakes, hidden pitfalls, hacks and a selfie stick

img Testers' classification from a developer point of view

img Simplicity, credibility, control — three pillars of web testing

img Your A/B tests are broken

img Mobile automation testing by native frameworks

img Developer + tester = quality++

img Loading time testing and results visualisation of web games

img BDD’s rose-colored approach

img Building your own test framework with Jenkins Pipeline and libraries

img Testing a nuclear power plant

img How to inform users if "Oops, something went wrong"

img Developing and testing with Google

img img Testing phones with Arduino

img Selenoid: an easy and quick setup for hundreds of parallel tests

img Flaky tests

img img img img img Panel discussion – Testing performance and searching for bottlenecks

img Autotests in World of Tanks: bots as guards of quality

img Truths about technical testing