DotNext 2020 SPb (15.06.2020 — 18.06.2020)


img Dates and times: Hard, but not impossible

img Building intelligent .NET apps with Azure cognitive services

img Running .NET Core performance investigation on Linux

img Separation of responsibilities between CPU cores

img Поиграем в самое необычное соревнование для программистов. Прямо тут!

img Общие библиотеки в корпоративной разработке

img Visual Studio 2019 .NET productivity

img Raw TCP/IP socket communication

img Why databases are crying at the night

img Transpiling WebAssembly modules into .NET assemblies

img Let's talk about performance analysis

img Living in eventually consistent reality

img gRPC and its .NET Core implementation

img Panel discussion. Books, courses and other hobbies of DotNext speakers

img Обзор новых возможностей PVS-Studio для C#

img Асинхронная валидация в домене

img Versioning, and how it makes our heads hurt

img Log in Azure (and without any Cosmos)

img Building an educational game with .NET Core and Unity

img A long way to hundreds of thousands of RPS

img .NET Science Art: How cloud technologies and .NET help to create interactive art exhibits

img The AR Cloud is real — building cross-platform AR experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors

img Typeclasses in C#

img Metrics are fine, but why is it so painful?

img Primitives of synchronization and their quantum graph

img Примеры интересных багов, обнаруженных с помощью PVS-Studio

img img Интервью: Использование .NET в банке и борьба с legacy

img Релизный цикл одним ботом

img Интервью: Как в Контуре адаптируют новичков

img Power your .NET Core 3 application with the new generation of diagnostics

img Practical F# or functional programming for enterprise

img What’s new in .NET Core 3.x and .NET 5 for performance?

img Panel discussion. .NET and technologies NOT from Microsoft

img The art of code

img Dapr for building distributed .NET Core applications

img Using SIMD in .NET Core

img Интервью: Поговорим о статическом анализаторе кода

img Overview of .NET