DotNext 2018 Msc (22.11.2018 — 23.11.2018)


Kutuzovsky Prospect 2/1 Building 1, Congress Park at the Radisson Royal Hotel

img Generics

img When to use Test Last, Test First, and TDD

img Using Tarantool in .NET projects

img .NET Core 2.1: Intrinsics and other micro-optimizations

img Help all the humans: Why in the world would you invent your own chat bot platform

img So you want to create your own .NET runtime?

img Modern web development with SAFE-Stack

img Building integration test environment using Docker containers

img Implementing IQueryProvider

img From monolith to microservices: history and practice

img ASP.NET Core multi-tenant architecture: Challenges and solutions

img Creating airplane mode proof Xamarin applications

img Boosting memory management in interoperability scenarios

img Domain-driven design: pragmatic approach

img Yield and async-await: internals and uses

img Pragmatic unit testing

img Make your custom .NET GC — "whys" and "hows"

img Instant design

img Windows 10 internals for .NET developers

img Extend the new WinDbg to build your own dream debugging tool

img FAKE + Paket — PowerTools for .NET developers

img Behind the burst compiler, converting .NET IL to highly optimized native code by using LLVM

img ValueTask: what and why

img Building responsive and scalable applications

img Life of actors in clusters: why, when and how

img System metrics: learning to avoid pitfalls

img Surviving under load: fault-tolerant server, smart client

img Dodo IS performance architecture

img Building your own debugging toolbox with ClrMD

img Ctrl-Alt-Del: learning to love legacy code