DotNext 2016 Msc (09.12.2016)


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img ASP.NET State of the Art

img Overview of the new .NET Core and .NET Platform Standard

img Performance gone wild: when 100,000 req/sec isn't where you stop…​

img WinDbg Superpowers for .NET Developers

img Intelligent Chatbots and Cognitive Services

img C++ via C#

img Multithreading Deep Dive

img Stack Overflow — It's all about performance!

img Myths about safety of C# code

img ETW — Monitor Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

img My life with actors: implementing actor model in F#

img Stranger Things: Vulnerabilities in .NET Platform

img Typescript for C# Programmers

img Let's continue to talk about arithmetics

img End-to-end JIT

img Exceptional Exceptions in .NET

img How to create XAML application without Message Bus

img Performance tuning Stack Overflow tags

img C# Scripting — why and how you can use your C# in places you never thought of before?

img Modification of .NET code during runtime

img F# for the glory of Data Science

img ASP.NET SignalR: Why It's Getting Really Crucial for Web Development

img Squeezing the Hardware to Make Performance Juice

img Building stuff is a piece of Cake (C# Make)

img Date and Time Pitfalls

img What's new in C# 7?