DotNext 2015 Msk (11.12.2015)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img DDD: Where’s the Value and What’s in It for Me?

img Let's continue to talk about arithmetics microoptimizations in .NET applications

img Introductory course in bot science

img New hardware and API platforms available for UWP

img Lightweight cross-platform Web-server based on .NET Framework

img Hands-on Experience: What It Means to Design a Domain Model

img The Vector in Your CPU: Exploiting SIMD for Superscalar Performance

img Entity Framework 7.0

img Xamarin.Forms: Strengths and weaknesses

img img Modern trends in programming languages. .NET and Java ecosystems

img Static analysis as hygiene code

img Pitfalls of System.Security.Cryptography

img How to use DLR

img Atomic operations and primitives in .NET

img HTTP/2 – What do I need to know?

img Structured logging

img Native code: Managing unmanageable

img .NET 2015: The future is near

img .NET Generics under the hood and a JITter bug for dessert

img Automating Problem Analysis and Triage

img Design and evolution of C# as an example of properties

img WinDbg in the hands of .NET Developer

img Functional programming in F# in processing of big data and machine learning

img What is new in ReSharper 10?

img How to move on ASP.NET MVC 6

img The Silver Bullet Syndrome