DotNext 2015 SPb (05.06.2015)

Saint Petersburg

Pobedy Square 1, Hotel ┬źPark Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya┬╗

img The Courage of Knowing Things (and not being a geek)

img Tales of premature optimization

img In the wake of BUILD 2015 - .NET platform today and tomorrow

img Roslyn API: SyntaxTree vs. CodeDom, SemanticTree vs. Reflection

img Let's talk about micro-optimizations for .NET applications

img Technical review of .NET News

img Roslyn: use in a large project using CodeRush as an example

img Code generation: What, How, Why

img Universal apps for Windows 10

img Extremely simple AppSec .NET practice

img Common Scalability Practices that Just Work

img Development of enterprise applications using the MVVM approach. Efficiency + Cross-platform

img Work with large volumes of data in .NET

img ReSharper vs. Roslyn

img Writing scalable and sometimes distributed systems with Akka.NET

img img img img img Round table. Does St. Petersburg need a .NET User Group?

img 7 habits of highly effective programmers or how to stop debuting and start benefiting

img Development for .NET for the Web. No mouse. No UI. Without Windows.

img img img img img Round table. .NET application performance optimization

img Unit testing memory

img F# magic for data processing: monads, type providers, and a bit of machine learning

img img img img Round table. .NET cross-platform development