DevOops 2021 (08.11.2021 — 11.11.2021)


img [REvolution of open source CI/CD tools]

img img Workshop. Platform Team Topologies (part 1)

img Scalable architecture from the ground up

img img img Interview with Oleg Shelajev

img img How to store artifacts

img Increasing fault tolerance and reducing costs in Kubernetes

img img Workshop. Platform Team Topologies (part 2)

img Choreography vs Orchestration in serverless microservices

img Does friendship of hardware and cloud exist?

img Stop writing pipelines, make processes!

img How to use GitHub Actions with security in mind

img img img img img Costs. So what about money?

img Soft Skills we deserve: where to develop them if there seems to be nowhere

img SRE, Managed Services and the path to the future

img img Pulumi and CDK for Terraform: programming infrastructure in high-level languages

img Building Trustable Infrastructure

img img img Interview with Baruch Sadogursky

img img Top 5 things that drive you crazy at DevOps

img img img img Cloud CI/CD technologies — What to choose?

img img Could FinOps: What it is and how it helps to save money on cloud

img Kubernetes isn't the answer, but what was the question again?

img Technical interview behind the scenes

img Database-as-a-Service in Kubernetes with GitOps

img SLA — a friend or a foe?

img Securing Kubernetes Container Platforms in 2021

img img img Interview with Sasha Rosenbaum

img 5 examples of YAML «shooting in the leg»

img img img img Panel discussion: hidden cloud cost

img DevOps as is

img Cloud Native Culture

img img Container security

img OpenTelemetry Collector deep dive

img The changing landscape of open source databases in 2021

img img img Interview with Victor Gamov

img Scaling automatic code checks within the organization

img img img Inside look at TSDB. Migration to Prometheus and Cortex. Okmeter experience

img Proxies, Gateways, and Meshes: WHA-AT?

img When testing disappeared from DevOps, and how to bring it back

img img img Interview with Mikhail Druzhinin

img DNS resilience and DNS-like code

img How to make it stable, when thousands of developers may ruin everything, or how CI is organized in Kaspersky Lab monorepository

img img Review of John Willis's "Automated Governance" talk

img Kubernetes is not for developers