DotNext 2014 Msk (08.12.2014)


Europe Square 2, Hotel «Radisson Slavyanskaya»

img Challenges, Pains and Points of Software Development Today

img What and how to protect in a .NET application

img How to work with external devices and smartphone hardware on Windows Phone

img Fast business intelligence with DevExpress Dashboard

img What's new in ReSharper 9?

img Functional reactive programming in F#

img FitNesse in development

img ReSharper from the inside: multithreading, data structures, memory traffic

img Using Linux as a platform for server-side .NET applications

img Entity Framework 7 + Redis/AzureTableStore

img C# 6.0 review

img Principles of building multi-threaded desktop .NET applications using ReSharper as an example

img Code refactoring using PostSharp

img Talk about different versions of .NET

img What are the disadvantages of DSL, and how to solve the same problems using C# metaprogramming

img True story of using SQL Server Change Data Capture

img ASP.NET vNext: What it means to you and what it means to Microsoft

img How the CLR works and how to make it work differently

img Mocks, Stubs & Rock'n'roll: supported tests with AutoFixture

img Memory & Performance. Tips & Tricks

img Async/await: collecting a rake

img Effective use of DLR