C++ Russia 2019 Msc (19.04.2019 — 20.04.2019)


Kutuzovsky Prospect 2/1 Building 1, Congress Park at the Radisson Royal Hotel

img C++17 — the biggest traps

img Modern C++ allocators

img Metaprogramming evolution: The right way to work with type lists

img Know your hardware: CPU memory hierarchy

img Compile time optimization

img Metaprogramming in game development

img Text formatting for a future range-based standard library

img Reactive C++

img img How we were upgrading compiler and supporting cross-platform software

img Initialisation in modern C++

img Move-only C++ design

img What you should pay extra attention to at your library's code review

img Concurrency and parallelism in C17 and C20/23

img Monadic parsers

img ABI compatibility is not a MAJOR problem

img Asynchronous C++ programming

img Rust programming language — ecosystem review

img The hitchhiker's guide to faster builds

img Compiler-friendly metaprogramming

img C++ smart pointer cookbook

img Higher-order functions and function_ref

img Concepts: simplifying implementation of std utility classes

img Not so dull pointers in ClickHouse

img Postmodern immutable data structures

img The dawn of a new error

img C++ templates and databases

img Metaclasses in C++: dream? Reality!

img Indispensible C++